Midi-Remote, wat is de waarde van deze toevoeging sinds versie 12?

I’m in possession of a Komplete Kontrol MKII and a Maschine MKIII. I may want to update from CB 10.5 to version 13 due to the additions of the Midi remote that has been built in since version 12. But I don’t yet understand why my KK now works well in 10.5 with regard to midi control and my Maschine does not. Is it known why this is? And what is the value of an update to version 13 for using KK as a midi controller (which actually works well now, it seems)? And is it necessary/convenient to also use the Maschine as a midi controller, and does it work better with the KK when updating to version 13?
Lots of questions that I just can’t find an answer to. Hope someone can give me some info. many thanks in advance!!

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