Midi remote will not connect

Midi remote in the latest 12 pro version will not connect!. In your midi remote videos and in Dom sigalis, you have the midi input/output out showing first yet in my version it asks for the vendor first. I have follwed this set up to the letter and it simply will not work! Driving me insane. I have two controllers, an Alesis VI61 keyboard and A Novation Nocturn auto map midi. Neither will work. I do have CC121 which does thankfully work. So what am i doing wrong? Why is my choice in the menu the other way around? And most importantly why won’t it work! Please, before i lose the will to live. Thanks

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could yo please describe step by step what you are doing, the current result and the expected result, please?


  • Open MIDI Remote tab in the Lower Zone.
  • Click the + button to Add MIDI Controller Surface.
  • Select Vendor, Mode, Script Creator.

Hi Martin
Thanks for getting back to me.
So as per, i open the lower zone, go to midi remote, click the plus button.
I am then presented with choosing a vendour first, I enter the info, I chose Novation, then i manually enter Nocturn because that it not listed.
Then enter my own name as the script.
Next i enter automap midi as midi in and then automap midi as midi out.
Then click create which takes me to the new layput where i am presented with the first knob and it says to touch the knobs on my controller.
Nothing happens.
And that’s where i then go around in circles, redoing the above time and time again, and nothing.
The same goes for my Alesis VI 61 keyboard, nothing connnects.

So those are the steps i take.

JOnathan OAtes


I would say this is the problem. Automap is doing some assignment by its own. I would select common Nocturn MIDI In/Out ports.

What kind of MIDI Port do you use here, please?

Hi Martin
After some time spent and chosing other midi in and outs i’ve got kit working.

So thanks for your inout and speedy replies.
Much aprreciated.

Kind regards
Jonathan Oates

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