Midi Reset Command

In the manual, the midi reset command is said to “resets controller data such as sustain, aftertouch, pitchbend, modulation, and breath control.”

Are there any other controllers beyond the ones listed here that it also resets? Is there any way to define what those controllers are, and what values they are reset to?


No, sorry, this is not possible. The reset/default values were defined by the MIDI standard 40 years ago.

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Thanks Martin.

Any ideas on how I could accomplish this? When using large orchestral templates and Vienna Ensemble Pro we’re usually forced to use “midi flags,” which are small regions on ALL of our tracks, that set our controllers to their default values. I find this approach annoying since it messes with my visibility agents, and its also hard to implement changes.

What I’d love is an ability to send a “midi reset” command to all of my instruments in VEP that sets CC’s I specific to a specific value.


Why do you have to send the Reset values, please? Isn’t it better to send the last values (chase events)?

It’s mostly an issue with CC11 getting set to some value because it’s read the current position of my expression pedal but I haven’t written cc data yet. But it can also be an issue with any cc controller I have mapped to a hardware controller.

It also rears it’s head when using Vienna Ensemble Pro. Since those instruments live outside Cubase, CC values can’t be chased from session to session and they remain stuck at their last value until new data is written.

Composers get around this by creating “midi flags,” which are small regions at the beginning of every track in their template with all CC values set to whatever we want the defaults to be. I find this method cumbersome and would prefer a way to simply send default cc data to active channels at the touch of a button.

Hans Zimmer discussed working this way recently but was unclear how he achieved this.