Midi Reset on Event End

Where EXACTLY is this feature in Cubase 7?

After using pitch bend, the next set of events change keys to reflect the last pitch bent note. I can stop/start to clear it, but that does not work for an audio mixdown which ends up being captured in the wrong key. Note that File > Preference > Midi (Any entry with midi key word in it) does not contain a “Reset on Event End”. All I can see is a “Reset on track end” which does not solve my problem.

Or asked another way, how do I fix my problem of using the pitch bend on a midi note without affecting subsequent notes?

Pitch bend needs to be reset manually.

How do I reset it manually? I tried bending the note back up to where it was but that didn’t work.

You could automate it back to zero in the key editor:

Thanks, that was actually what I was doing which wasn’t working. Opening up the key editor and letting the song play while the key editor was opened, caused it to start working. Not sure why but it is working normally now.