MIDI resolution


i use hardware midi controlers.
but i give a try to lemur wia WIFI.
MIDI resolution is crap. so i plug the lemur ipad on iRig… a little better but still less accurate than hardware.

anyway that made me think of MIDI resolution so now i’m back on my hardware controler (CME keyboard) and i move faders fast/slow and realise how many “jumps” nuendo does to simplify the curves. In automation you can use the “reduction level” to change that… and in the end in automation it’s always curves from a point to another.
But in MIDI it’s jumps from a point to another and it sounds terrible on some parameters.

is there a way to “soften” MIDI curves ? so that when there’s 2 point nuendo adds more points “precision” to the curve ?
the “thin out data” could be a start but it’s not ment to do that.

the only way i find is to “extract midi automation” and manually remove dots to create more accurates lines… not a way to work.

ideas ?


No, there is no way, how to make the MIDI CC curve smoother. It just records the real data. The question is, why does it jump?

the problem is… midi samples 4 times a second. which sucks
I am not up to date on controlers using other formats, I use large consoles and Nuendo as a tape machine.


I have good news for you! I’ve found a way to smooth midi output from Lemur. Just as it works in mackie protocol. I’m not sure about eucon but it seems like it works by the same way. All you need is letting go midi pitch bend controller out of lemur and in Nuendo’s general remote you have yo choose “rpn-ctrl” instead of “controller”, then set max value to 16383 and ONLY then learn incoming midi. Rpn should change to undefined or something but it works! You should save at once the xml preset of generic remote, it never been saved with nuendo project by itself. Pitchbend can be transmitted one controller per channel and we have 8 midi ports in lemur, so a little bit of simple math and we have 16*8=128 objects that can drive anything in high resolution midi. May the Lemur Force be with you!

wow thank you for taking time to explaining that. i’m on a nuendo break for as much as i can :slight_smile:
i will look into it as soon as i’m back :stuck_out_tongue: