MIDI retrospective buffer interfering with Vocoder playback?

I was trying to setup the new Vocoder and it didn’t seem to be responding to my MIDI Keyboard. After quadruple verifying the setup against both the manual and Dom’s video, I ended up playing around with the Vocoder in Fixed MIDI mode & noticed that changing the MIDI Note values there also didn’t effect the playback.

For the Modulator I was using a short spoken clip repeated a bunch of times and when just playing back the audio and not the keyboard I noticed it did different Vocoder-ish things along the timeline and those things always happened at the same spot on the timeline. So it seemed like it was following some kind of performance. So I tried clearing the MIDI Retrospective Record Buffer and the Vocoder started behaving as expected.

I have no clue as to how the initial situation occurred, so obviously can’t describe how to replicate it. But if you are running into a similar issue, try clearing the buffer and see if that helps or not. And either way, please post the results here.

Speculation - what I think was happening is that the buffer was getting routed to the Vocoder’s MIDI In and merged with any realtime playing that I was doing. Because it sometimes sounded like a note I played would momentarily effect the Vocoder, but not very often and usually barely lasting at all. Now if the buffer was playing a deluge of MIDI Notes it would mostly drown out anything I was playing live so it makes sense in hindsight that it seemed like it wasn’t responding to my playing at all.

You didn’t have a chord track going by any chance?

Good guess. That was the first thing I checked, because I have been known to drive a Vocoder with the Chord Track in the past. Which is actually a great way to go, especially when sketching stuff out.

I spent two days trying to sort out what I was doing wrong. Now it’s working great. Better late than never.

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