MIDI retrospective record

I’m trying to enable MIDI retrospective record but it is greyed out. I have both MIDI and virtual instrument tracks in the project window and I enabled them but when I go to Transport/ MIDI retrospective record it is grey and i am not able to enable.

What am I missing?

I’m in the latest version of Nuendo in Windows 11…

That menu item is not for enabling – it’s for printing the notes in the buffer to the track. So there has to be something in the buffer.

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OK, I get it.

But here’s what I’m trying to do:

I’d like to double click on a section that I’ve created with markers. I’d like the music to start one or two measures early (which i know I can do with pre-roll but it doesn’t record). I’d like the option to be able to record during those two measures. I’d like what I played ahead of the locator section to be inputted on the track that I am recording without having to go through the steps that it seems retrospective recording takes.

I’d rather not have to program a new punch in point or set my locator position two measures early every time I begin a new section.

Is that possible?

I’m getting get the idea that the retrospective aspect might be more for not losing good ideas.

Have a look at the manual section on retrospective record, or google it, to check if you do understand it rightly, as far as the exact functions and choices involved

Retro records everything regardless of whether you’re even in playback or not.

But it seems it ‘restarts’ when you start playback, so it knows where to insert from.

I’ve got it under a hotkey (shift-return), and it should work as you want; just start playback 2 bars before and start playing, then before hitting stop hit retrospective record and it should capture whatever you were playing at the time.

It’s become my go to, and I rarely even press record anymore to record any midi, I just use that.

But there has to be something in the buffer for the menu to be active, and the OP states