Midi Reverb

Noob here. How do I adjust the reverb on chourse on a mid track. In sonar it a knob that is availble in th console track view. I can’t find it anywehre in cubase. My midi channel has full reverb when i play the song. There has got to be a way to change that with out using controler and program changes.

Below is a pick of how it looks in SONAR on the left side near the bottom . Where are these knobs for MIDI in Cubase 13?


The Reverb doesn’t come from the “MIDI”, it comes from the time generator. Where are your MIDI Tracks routed to? Do you use a hardware synth or a Virtual Instrument (VSTi)?

He’s referring to CC 91 midi instrument reverb if he’s referencing the Cakewalk control shown. Of course, the tone generator or VSTI needs to have an internal reverb effect for things to work as expected.

Try enabling Quick Controls for that channel and add a control for CC 91.

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MIDI CC91 is the Reverb Depth, MIDI CC93 is the Chorus Depth. You can either use the Quick Controls assigned to the given MIDI CC, or you can use the MIDI Control MIDI Insert to control these parameters. Or you can just send the MIDI data from the MIDI Track by using the Controller Lane in the Key Editor.

In any case, the instrument you are using, has to support these MIDI CCs, to react.