Midi Roll Editor keeps jumping around in the global tracks


since Cubase 13 i now have this massive issue, where if i select multiple Midi Tracks (This is Violin 1 and Violin 2) and i click on another track (White arrow), the top window jumps to show me the Midi-Container (see 2nd Picture, red box) instead of the global chord track i want to see. I now have to scroll up, to see the chord track again, and when i click a note from another midi track, it jumps back again. This wasn’t a “Feature” before Cubase 13 and it’s absolutely driving me insane. The chord track is the only thing i really want to see at the top and the rest is a bonus, i MAY use at some point - but would gladly deactive, so i can at least see the chords consistently. Is there a good workaround here? Can i deactivate seeing those midi containers at the top? I only have chord track enabled (see Red Arrow). I am going absolutely nuts - Especially, when i compose for orchestra and have 30 instruments open (With all the different articulations). Please help me. I wanted to continue writing on a piece for orchestra and i as of now want to toss my machine outside the window. Do i really have to reinstall Cubase 12?