MIDI Round Robin with "Transformer" in real time?

Hello experts,

is it possible to program the midi-plugin “Transformer” in order to get a repeating round robin cycle in real time play?

the incoming note is always C3 (from an e-drum pad)

the output cycle should be 8 note numbers repeating: C3 -> C#3 -> D3 -> D#3 -> E3 -> F3 -> F#3-> G3 -> | C3 -> …

I would highly appreciate a Transformer programming example if this is possible to achieve with this midi plugin…

Thanks SO MUCH! :smiley:

First off, I can’t really help with your request exactly because the Transformer, Input Transformer, Logical Editor type tools confuse the hell out of me (I do use the occassional modofied preset but that’s about it). I assume you want to create variations to the samples on an Edrum?
The attached screenshot should trigger the notes in your chosen range randomly but I haven’t worked out how to set a specific round robin yet. Perhaps you could modify it to better suit your needs? Sorry I can’t be of any more help
Transformer (Random).JPG
PS. I was using the above preset on the “MIDI Input Transformer” but I don’t know if it’ll actually make much difference.

I know that I can achieve RANDOM with Transformer; but I need a repeating cycle and not random.
And it is not meant to be for variations of samples but to have samples played in a cycle (like for example a melody).

I know that there are Round Robin sampler-VSTi’s - but I really want to know if you can program this with the Cubase Transformer MIDI-plugin… :wink:

Right, gotcha. I assumed drum sample variations because you mentioned an e-drum pad and I’ve tried, unsuccessfully to achieve the same thing myself with the MIDI Input Transformer and an arpeggiator. My bad.

Look what Bidule can do with it:

Melody-Play for e-drummers!

For example: Three E-drum pads; two for different melodies, one for stopping all notes…


The admittedly strong Cubase midi features meet their match :wink:

(To give (non-)drummers an idea for drummer’s melody play : check the melody-presets with a Roland flaggship e-drum module: