midi routing among VSTi

Hello guys
nice to be here…i am fresh owner of cubase 7.5 (and wavelab8)…recently i bought a software (rapidcomposer), that, as others do, in VST format, is a “sequencer” in the sequencer…
to be fast, that plugin generates midi tracks that can be routed to other VSTinstruments. To different MIDI channels. But in cubase all works fine if i route the various tracks to a multi-timbral instrument (like halion). If i try to route to a single normal instrument…it takes ALL the midi notes coming from the tracks from ALL channels!
result: a mess.
the question is, is there a possibility to restrict the midi input of a cubase midi track (or a instrument track) to one only channel? for example, on my master keyboard, whatever channel output i choose the instrument plays!
i would need to be able to choose the input midi channel of a midi track, and if i don’t choose the same midi channel on my master keyboard, the istrument shouldn’t play any note…
i played a whole afternoon on my cubase but i didn’t find it. PLease forgive me if the problem is already present (and maybe solved) in this forum, i hope some of you will forward me the link to the right topic, in the case…
i guess maybe it is something did by purpose by steinberg, so it’s a non-problem…in case , is there some 3rd party midi filter or similar?

Thanks for your help.
and happy new year!!!



input transformer local!

i just was needing some more hours of study…

happy new year!