Midi routing changing randomly when using IAA...


I am using the following setup and when I switch between apps doing general stuff like change patches in the synths and inputting new IAA synths into Cubasis the midi routing setup for some channels change randomly and frequently enough to be very annoying. It changes to different synths and channels which is very odd.

I am using…

Ipad air 64gb
IOS 7.0.4
Cubasis 1.7.1
Samson Carbon 49 connected with CCK adapter
Yamaha Synth & Drum Pad
Arctic Pro Synth

I have Samson as the midi input in all tracks and the output is the app, all routed to different midi tracks.

Any idea why this is happening ?



Edit: upon writing this post when i switched back to my project the first track which had midi input routed as Samson 49 midi channel 10 with midi activated and midi out to Yamaha synth drum pad channel 10, changed to ‘Not connected’. :open_mouth:

Edit: on further inspection none of my midi routing is connected and Cubasis cannot see my Samson midi keyboard or any of the IAA apps still connected :confused:

Every time I give Cubasis another go it builds my hopes up and starts great only to stumble into the ‘this is doing my head in now’ territory.

Please help Steinberg !