MIDI routing duplicate/pass through?

Is there a way to essentially duplicate midi inputs, then send them to other receiving ports? Finding a way to tackle the issue where midi under windows can’t be used by multi clients.

Windows 10 is multi client when programs are using the Windows 10 UWP MIDI API.
Something Steinberg hopefully are going to take advantage of in future versions.

I figured people on other DAWs use a workaround where they route all midi in to a software emulated midi out, without making the midi in exclusive to the said emulated port. I could only see exclusive routing in cubase so far, am I missing something?

I’m not sure what you mean by “exclusive routing”

I use the LoopBe virtual midi cable and it just appears in MIDI Port Setup like my Keyboard controller or any other devices. It can be used as a source for multiple Tracks and also be included in “All MIDI Inputs”

If I’m in your setup, my question would be, if I want to keep the keyboard controller functioning as usual (triggering in instruments/midi tracks) but also routing everything I press to the LoopBe ports, how should I go about it?

Thanks for helping!

Well there are likely several ways, but one would be to create a MIDI (not Instrument) Track & set its input to your keyboard controller and its output to the virtual cable. Then you could use the virtual cable as an input on other Tracks.

But I’m not sure why you’d go through all that when you could just use the keyboard controller directly as the input for all these other Tracks?

Can you describe what you are specifically trying to achieve?