Midi routing from track record to another track

the following setup:
There are two midi-tracks with Steppolyarpunit as a midi-effect - one for the chords (1), the other for the bass (2). It is possible and working to invoke the next pattern via midi CC21 + number, if send from the tracks midi-record.

The idea:
I wish to sync the two Steppolyarpunits by creating a separate track (3) just for the CC-Signals and route the midi to the chord- and bass-track, so they always change the pattern the same way and I have to edit just once.

The problem:
routing via virtualmidi from recorded midi on track (3) to track(1) and (2) shows no result. Neither via network session. It works via Audiobus. but that seems like overkill for this little task.

The question:
Can I somehow route midi from track (recorded) to another track without the need of an external app?

Thanks in advance

Well, I accidently stumbled upon an app solving this task without the huge impact of audiobus. Midi Tools from Victor Porof seems to close this gap.

I load it as an “Instrument” on track(3), set it up (destination and channel) and the signals send from there can then be routed into other channels by selecting “virtual midi” and the correct channel. Yay.

That is a big improvement for me, because the routing settings to audiobus got lost every time I closed cubasis or even when sending cubasis into the background.

Of course it would still be nice, if cubasis wouldnt need extra apps for this. But my Problem is no solved with very little effort.

Hello there.nice info.could you please make a video showing the setup?

The best way to do this using Midi Tools from AudioVeek is to use the Bus utility. In the following video the dev himself shows how to do this in Cubasis. He’s showing how set up instrument layering, but I would believe you could use the same setup, as long as Midi Tools Bus is setup before the StepPolyArp units.