MIDI routing issue

Hi, I hope that one of you fine people can help me. Cause I’m going crazy!

What I want to do: send midi from my keys (impact lx 61) on channel 1 to track 1, which is set to ch 1 and midi from the pads (also on impact lx 61) on channel 10 to track 2, which is set to ch 10

What happens: when I press a key, both track 1 and 2 plays and the same goes for the pads.

When I load SampleTank in standalone, it works as it should, so my lx 61 is set up correctly.

Anyone knows what I’m doing wrong??

Thanks in advance.


All tracks are always receiving data on all MIDI Channels The MIDI Channel you set in the tracks is the Output MIDI Channel.

To filter specific MIDI Channel on the Input, use Input Transformer, please.