Midi Routing Motu express 128 PROTOOLS to Cubase 5

I have the Motu 128 express connected to my mac pro with the midi studio and protools 9 as the routing master via instrument or midi track . on the motu in and out port 1 is the Neko computer based keyboard running cubase 5, in and out of port 2 is the MPC 2000, in and out of port 3 is the M88 keyboard etc… I have more plugged but they are not issues.

When I set the routing up to send MPC info to cubase/keyboard I get a constant midi signal, In protools midi thur is checked and the constant signal stops when unchecked but I can’t record any midi from pads or keys when unchecked. And I have one midi track up on cubase and the input transform set to channel 1 in filter and I tried transform.

When I hit the MPC it shows the left red line next to the green line midi meter active while protools midi thur is unchecked when check it the green midi meter goes crazy while constant midi coming in.