Midi routing problem

Hello all!

I’m trying to route MIDI from an iPad app (Poly 2) into Dorico, but can’t make it work.

Poly 2 is sending out 6 channels of quantized note data on Network Session 1.

Dorico preferences: MIDI input, check mark beside Network Session 1.

However I can’t get even one of my 6 tracks to record or register incoming MIDI, let alone the multitrack recording I had hoped to do.

Do I need some intermediary MIDI routing utility app? Something that converts Audiobus MIDI to Core MIDI? For example: ‎Midiflow Adapter (Audiobus) on the App Store

Is Dorico for iPad capable of multi-track MIDI recording? Even if not, I can’t figure out how to choose an incoming MIDI channel for each track.

I’m new to this topic and I thank you for your help. I’ve also reached out to the creator of Poly 2. Very cool app btw.