MIDI Routing to multiple tracks with drum maps

I have a midi drum track and I want it to go to two different drum virtual instruments, and each virtual instrument has a different drum map. Is there any way to do that in cubase?

I can use midi send to send the midi to the second virtual instrument, but, unless I’m missing something, I don’t see any way to filter that midi through a separate drum map.

Hi Glenn,
No, there is indeed only one Drum Map available per MIDI track (so, as you have discovered, you can’t do what you were hoping to via MIDI Sends). But would it be impractical, for your workflow, to record-enable two MIDI tracks, each with its own Drum Map? If your MIDI drum Part(s) already exist, you could drag a Shared Copy onto the 2nd MIDI track.
(It is really frustrating that, in the Drum Map, an Input note can only be used once, otherwise you could maybe have combined all you need into a single Drum Map, the output side of the Map is indeed flexible enough :wink: )

OR (“left field” approach :wink: )…
Maybe you could indeed use a MIDI Send (in Pre/Record mode), and insert the Chorder MIDI FX to map the incoming note from there. (I’ll just go check, see if that is indeed possible :wink: )…
Yep, seems to work ok here… and, not necessary to put the Send into Pre/Record mode… the Drum Map doesn’t get sent to the Send in any case (unless you want to anyways :wink: )
(Purely for testing purposes, I had the MIDI track routed to Groove Agent SE4, with a basic kit loaded into it, and a GM Drum Map on the track. I then activated Send #1, routed to EZ Drummer 2 (once again, with just a basic kit loaded), so, normally, C1 would play the kick drum on both instruments, so, just for fun, i inserted the Chorder MIDI FX onto the Send, and remapped C1 to C#2, so that it would play the crash cymbal instead, and indeed, when I sent C1 into the MIDI track, it played, simultaneously, the kick drum in GASE3 and the crash cymbal in EZ Drummer 2. :wink:

Thanks Vic. I was hoping to find a solution that would let me use the drum map, since it’s kind of complex. On the other hand, I’d only need to create the chorder preset once, then save it.

In the mean time, I think I’ll just create an IAC virtual midi interface. I can do a midi send to it from the first track and then set the input for the second track to that virtual device. That way I can use the drum maps. I was just wondering if there was a solution inside of cubase. It seems odd that a midi track can’t be an option for the output of a midi send.

That’s even more elegant (why aren’t I surprised? :wink: )

[EDITED] (for the benefit of anyone following this topic, and wanting to try Glenn’s method)…
The 2nd track (i.e. the one receiving the MIDI loopback return) will have to be monitor-enabled (rather than record-enabled), otherwise you’ll get double notes on playback (your incoming MIDI would have gotten recorded onto both tracks :wink: )