MIDI routing to Virtual Instrument


I have a fairly large template. Each time I add a new sample I generally create MIDI tracks associated to that sample and then disable them. It often happens that when reactivating my tracks, they have either a missing input or they are associated to a different KONTAKT / SINE instance. That just changes when I make any change in the order of tracks in my template ( I tried to recreate the issue in the video). I suppose the MIDI Input is dynamic, is there any way to make it static so the tracks are always associated to the right sample?

Anyone has any idea how to resolve this?



Do you have clear step by step you can always reproduce, please?

You can probably recreate what there ins in the video:

  1. Open 2 plugins

  2. Create 4 MIDI tracks and link 2 to the first plugin and 2 to the second one.

  3. Disable the plugins and then create and extra plugin track in the middle of those 2

  4. Then re enable all the plugins and see if the midi tracks have changes their input

Well no, the MIDI Tracks Inputs remain the same. Can’t reproduce.

Not on mine unfortunately., the MIDI file changes its input dynamically, depending on which plugin I activate and if, by adding extra plugins, the channel number changes.


I can’t reproduce it neither, sorry.

No worries, will try with Steinberg directly :+1:

There is a known issue regarding disable/enable midi tracks with a Track Instrument. I can’t tell from your example because the .gif is a bit fuzzy whether or not your issue may be related.

The issue is creating a Track Instrument, Kontakt for example, add for example 3 midi tracks, then disable the the Kontakt Track Instrument. Then enable it and it works as intended.

But the problem is all subsequent Track Instruments you create, once you disable then enable it, the midi tracks will show “missing…”

Again, everything works as intended until you add the 2nd Track Instrument. (or any further Track Instruments.) Once you add the 2nd track, assign for example 3 midi tracks, disable the Track Instrument then enable the Track Instrument, unlike the first Track Instrument, the midi assignments are lost.

This is a known issue, and has not been fixed. I have a .gif to clearly show the example, but it’s 7MB and this forum only allows a maximum of 4MB. Feel free to PM me for the .gif it interested.

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Thanks. I was sure there was going to be someone else that encountered the same problem.

Hope that at least they are aware at Steinberg of the issue!