MIDI routing

How can I route the MIDI track output notes to multiple internal vst’s and external midi devices. I seem to only be able to select one at a time.


Use MIDI sends

When I select “sends” in either the console or the playlist no vst’s or midi devices are options. Only things like “arpache”, “Auto LFO” , etc… no midi routing selections.

I’m running 64bit ver 7.0.1 on a macpro quad core.


Switch them on…

Where? Currently I’ve got Halion running with 3 different sounds, Kontakt 5 without 5, Mystic, etc… I’ve got a bunch of vst’s playing midi data already but I can only select one output routing per channel. They don’t show up in the sends selections even though they are already active getting data.


On the on/off button…
MIDI Sends.jpg

You’ re welcome…