MIDI scissor cut : intelligent detection

Let’s take an example. I split a MIDI container with the scissor cut in two. It makes containers A & B. If a note was just before the container B, it will be included in container A.

An intelligent detection would be awesome. It could detect that this note actually belongs to container B and ajust the start of the container be just a bit before to include it.


You can open the Key Editor, select the MIDI Note you want to split at, press L (Locate Selection Start), close the Key Editor and hit Alt + X (Split at Cursor).

With this intelligent split point, you would probably need to setup the range, Cubase should look around your split point to search for the MIDI Note On message. I can’t imagine, what would happened, if there would be a chord in the range. Not so simple at the end.

Thanks for your reply.

There would be some cases where it may not work, probably. But I think there is a way to make it work for most cases.

For instance, Cubase can consider that the note belongs to the container at the right IF the note duration previous the scissor is shorter than the duration after the scissor. Example :