Midi Scrub

The key editor doesn’t scrub midi. As a long time ‘Opcode Studio Vision’ user, I found scrubbing is a wonderfully efficient way to tweak MIDI. You’d simply “alt - drag”, grab the notes and move ‘em around; re-voice - build arrangements with great control. You could quickly get things right. Very satisfying. The ‘edit in place’ is choppy & unpredictable. Scrubbing MIDI should sound at the beginning – left of the note. Cubase ‘edit in place’ sounds at random or toward the middle of the note. I’ve been asking for this since SX3 and I appreciate that many users don’t want or understand why this is a useful feature.
If Steinberg should, one day introduce this, I’m pretty curtain that users would find it useful.

Yes! Awesome feature. I used Opcode Studio Vision too. Brilliant. Motu DP also has this feature. Once you’ve used it you always want it.

That’s a reason to move to DP. Thanks for chiming-in, Steve.

Agreed. We need MIDI scrub! It’s about time!

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Well, it wasn’t enough for me, though I admit to some bias.

The devs did add a kind of scrubbing over midi parts in the project view, but I don’t find it that useful- it’s when I am editing in the Key Editor that I want to reach for the tool.

I’ve adapted by using the various transport controls, and (OT) Steinberg has added much Motu DP had to offer that was not in Cubendo-- Metronome patterns and musical Key awareness, and global tracks in the Key Editor mainly. It’s not done in the same way, some parts are better, some just different.

I think Cubase MIDI editor is one of the best among all the other DAWs I tried (and that is mainly why I use it).
However I always love to see new ways of editing, but I have no idea of what are you talking about :smiley:
Do you have a video that shows a demo of the scrubbing you are talking about?

Just exactly as scrubbing audio, but with midi.

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