Midi Scrubbing does not function in the midi editors

The feature Cubase users had been waiting for since it disappeared in the move from Atari has been implemented with little fanfare, in true Steinbergian Style

It is available in the Project window, but not in any midi editor, and also not in the project window In-Place editor.

Okay maybe I was being extreme. I admit it. It is nice to have midi scrubbing in the project window.

Little fanfare, for sure. How do you -find- this stuff?

I agree it’s not much more than a bon bon if you can’t use it in the key editor.

Thanks for the tip, though.


Yes, bizarre it’s not in the key editor.

Can anyone kindly let me know how to go about using this midi scrubbing feature? I had no clue it was even implemented, but from a quick look, can’t find out how to use it either. I have heard of this request many years ago, but nothing was ever done about it. When exactly was this feature implemented? I did a search through the Cubase 7 manual and it turned up nothing.

It works by scrubbing over parts on midi and instrument tracks with the scrub tool in the Project Window. It functions the same as audio scrubbing, except it does not function in the MIDI editors. You listen to it through the control room.

(If you have a midi track with multiple channels set to ‘any’ and the track is routed to a multitimbral VST in t he VST rack it will play everything on that track.)

I’m hoping they implement it in at least the key editor, maybe they will. It would then match the function of the scrub tool in audio.

Thanks for this, I see what you mean now. For me, it was highly invaluable however, it was so slow to respond, wasn’t any near realtime, to be of value. Also, it wouldn’t play the entire note as is, which is what I had hoped. If I had a long sustained pad for instance, it would only play the first bit of it, not the entire thing, including any automation to it via note expression such as pitch. I was hoping to be able to hear how the note would sound full length wise, to decide if I wanted to shorten or lengthen the notes in comparison to the project around it.

I can see how this would be highly valuable in the midi piano roll editor however, or at the very least, in place editor since it is also on the project window. The way it is now, it is very limiting, yet has so much more potential.

I put in some long notes to see what you are talking about

I would like to see it implemented as it is done in Motu Digital Performer. Dragging the play head scrubs the whole project. And/Or allow midi tracks to playback using the scrub/shuttle control.