Midi Send for Instrument tracks for Composer Tools Pro

When using Composer Tools Pro with midi tracks there is a nice option called Recall that use a Midi Send Transform option and a Generic Remote setting so when you select a track, the correct settings are loaded in Composer Tools Pro.
But in my setup I am using Instrument tracks instead of midi tracks. It would be helpful if an Instrument track also have a midi send option so I can setup this Recall feature.

Please Steinberg! :slight_smile:

+1. This has been asked many times before.

As always, I will add a request for at least eight MIDI sends as well.


It’s odd that Instrument Tracks don’t have MIDI Sends. I think it is the only feature that MIDI Tracks have & Instrument Tracks don’t.

This problem is solved by MidiKinetics. They created a vst3 fx: https://youtu.be/G6pg-damQsE