Midi Send from Instrument track

Hi there,

I am trying to set up a midi send from an instrument track in the same way as a midi track.

I want to be able to tap into the midi data coming into the instrument track, put it through a midi send (transformer) and then back to the device.

In other words I want to achive this with an instrument track, not a midi track.

Any ideas?!

Ad a midi track, route it to instrument track. And use the midi track just as in video.
Or load the instrument in the instrument rack and just use a midi track.

There is not so much midi options on instrument tracks. So it is better to put the vsti in the instrument rack and work midi track and audio output track sepratly.

Might be a function to ask for in future Cubase release.

Adding a midi track would be the easy solution but maybe I should have said that my template is 1000+ Instrument tracks and so I don’t want to have to add the same number of midi tracks. I just want to be able to set up the functionality as per the video using the instrument tracks in my template.

Are you gonna layer different instruments to same midi preformance?
If thats your goal. You can just put the instruments in the rack. And use one midi track to trigger several off them at same time.
And you can trigger that again internaly on the instruments, that support track layering (multi channel).

Use the track folders and hide/show tracks to clean up the rest.

Sounds like a heavy mess with “1000+” instrument tracks. Lol

It’s quite tidy actually. I have each instrument patched to an instance of Kontakt, or other vsti. The Konrakt instruments have various key switches to switch between articulations and then I trigger these articulations from my lemur controls on my iPad. For my spitfire libraries I use UACC which links nicely to my expression map.

Every track is disabled until needed and tucked into folders depending on orchestral section etc. I can then show/hide/filter/enable these as and when I need them using a lemur controller which saves on RAM.

By doing it this way I don’t have a lot of unused samples filling up my RAM just to get at one articulation or instrument. Yes I could purge the samples but I can’t do hat for non-Kontakt instruments.

If I could get a midi feed from the instrument track I would then be able to get lemur to change to the instrument that I have selected in Cubase automatically without having to go find it in the interface.

But Instrument tracks don’t have MIDI Sends (despite many requests for it).
Therefore, you should investigate the options proposed here (or go without :wink: )

I know they don’t but I was hoping someone might know a workaround that doesn’t involve duplicating or replacement with midi tracks.
Looks like it’s another +1 for the midi send feature request!

I see your furstration. But there are other ways to deal with memory and have loads of instrument tracks loaded. And using controllers and such.

I do orchesteral arrangements my self.

I do it the opposit of what you are doing.

I use midi tracks and have the instruments in the rack. I use Halion 6 too load my Symphonic Orchestra.
Have my midi and my audio outputs folded in groups. It is clean and easy to keep track off.

I use nektar panorama p4 to control and also roughly play in the parts.

I use ssd drive for the samples. So I always start with streaming direct from drive. That way I dont task the Ram at all. I might use some Ram at the end off the project, but ssd keeps up quite good.

Other instruments I might use. Are pressent in the rack, but not turned on, until I need them.
And all sample instruments I might use that have the option of streaming off disk, is set to do it.

I also use a ipad pro as control. But mostly running midi designer and controlling my aditional hw synths (im to lazy too walk over to the synth section)

If you let goo of your instrument tracks, and do some adjustment in kontakt and your other instruments. I think you can have them all in the rack, controlled by midi with your lemur beeing the rock star. And almost have 0 load on memory, streaming direct from the hard drive.