MIDI SEND on Instrument Track

Please add the midi send function on instrument track !

I need this function since cubase 9 , and a lot of user have been asking for it for years. PLEASE :exclamation:

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I have also thought that one track should be able to host all plugins related to it…
(Or let us insert them on the midi fx section)


+1, for about the 100th time. Clearly lots of folks want this, so why do we all have to keep asking for it?

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+1 - again

This would make life so much easier

In fact, I think here’s an even better idea: why not have a MIDI input drop down for each plug in, similar to the way Sidechain works now for audio?

I am missing MIDI Sends in Instrument tracks too. Alternatively, I would certainly welcome a COMBINER-like solution like Reason offers, to simplify stacking and layering sounds.

All the best.


+1 for this again.

I think the first time I asked for this was in 2018…

+1 !!


Again. This would be a godsend on my template.

Yes please, more midi feature solution for connection and modulation.
+1 for for this one to !!

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