MIDI Send Port Changed on ALL MIDI tracks

I have a large template setup in Cubase with more than 1200 tracks many of which are MIDI tracks. I use a tool on my iPad Pro called Composer Tools Pro. I have nearly 100 presets in Composer Tools Pro for the various libraries and patches I use to be able to switch articulations. In Cubase, on any MIDI channel for which I use a Composer Tools Pro preset, I have a MIDI Send Transformer configured to send MIDI data to Composer Tools Pro. Part of this configuration in Cubase is a MIDI Port which in my case is “iConnectMIDI4+ DIN 1”.

Something has gone wrong in Cubase and this MIDI Port setting has been lost on EVERY MIDI track and it has been set to “Not Connected”. This means I need to go through my template and select EVERY MIDI track that needs to use a Transformer and select the MIDI Port again. This would mean doing this on hundreds of MIDI tracks.

So, I’m wondering if there is anyway to have Cubase set the MIDI Port on all of the activated MIDi Sends in one bulk edit?


I’m not sure if this works for the MIDI Port at Send, but you could try to use QuickLink of the MixConsole.