Midi send question

Hi guys, I’m running a current setup for live organ/keyboard:

  • 4 vsts in rack: 2 organs,rhodes, and halion sonic se 2(slots full).
  • 12 midi tracks(12 songs) with differences in the ‘midi sends’.
    (Every song uses some kind of 2-4 “sounds” combination).

    -I have 3 songs using the same 3 sounds in halion(HSse)
    but in different split points or octaves across the keyboard. =>
    Which forces me to use 9 halion slots, instead of 3…
    So now, I’m running out of slots for the other instruments.

• I want to be able to change key ranges and octaves
Of the ‘sends’ (within the track,not vst)
(And I need to do this separately, for every track)
So I’ll have 3 slots in halion for those 3 songs,
and when I switch between those 3 tracks it will switch the splits ect…

If its possible, is it even better(for cpu/ram) than just having 2-3 instances of halion?

Another question:
| 1 instance of halion with all 16 slots full | or
| 2 instances of halion with 8 each |?

Starting with the end - from your computer’s point of view 16 instances of Halion each using 1 slot is the best. This allows Cubase & the OS to optimally load balance the different cores. From the human perspective arrange them so they are easiest for you to engage with - up until you start getting sorta close to maxing out your computer.

For simplifying your live rig layout I’d explore some of these tools/features that might help manage changing the setup between songs: using MIDI Channel numbers to control routing; the Input Transformer, the Arranger Track; Project Logical Editor & Macros (for stuff like muting/unmuting specific Folders or Tracks)

Also the various Logical tools can become much more useful if combined with a standardized naming/numbering scheme (e.g. using song IDs as part of a Track Name).

And of course Google wants to help

Thank you :slight_smile:

Well I watched every video and read all the posts related…
I cant find a way to send different key range+transpose to indevidual sends within a midi track

It sounds to me like you’ve decided in advance that the only way to achieve the results you are looking for is to utilize the MIDI Sends on MIDI Tracks. Quite possible there are other ways to achieve those results that don’t need MIDI Sends at all. Don’t get too attached to a single approach for solving your problem.

I don’t use Cubase in a live situation but there are a bunch of folks here that do. Was hoping some of them might chime in but so far…

I suspect the topic title isn’t really flagging them down. You can change the title on the initial post to something more descriptive to draw them in. Like - how to best configure Cubase for live use. :wink: