MIDI Sends deleted after (unrelated) track copy/paste/delete actions

Cubase 12 Pro / Win 11

This happend for the third time now, so I would rule out a single time glitch or accidently deleting the inserts myself.

I often have a midi track with several midi sends to instrument tracks.

In two different projects now it occured that after copy-pasting and delete other completely (as it seem to me) unrelated tracks cubase sometimes loses the MIDI sends.

I did not disable the midi track or one of the instrument tracks nor change anything, so it’s probably not related to the disabling track issue where MIDI sends are lost.

Anyone experiencing the same?

I’m happy to provide steps to reproduce maybe in the future, but at the moment I can’t manage to find the exact thing that causes it, just sometimes they are gone. In every case I did copy and delete some other tracks right before they vanished, so I can only assume it’s related.


…this is what’s needed, a repro sequence.

Thanks Steve, I know. I just don’t have the time to put the hours in. I’ll keep backups to copy my settings from there, maybe someone else will want to examine if they experience this too.