Midi Sends? I hope someone knows this.

Ok, I’ve had two weeks on C7 now, after being a long time user of C5.

In the midi channel inspector, you have ‘sends’. I have been using a midi modifier midi plug in to send my midi drum track to two separate instruments (BFD and Battery 2, so I can beef up the BFD samples with my own). This still works in previous sessions and in my template, where I am using Battery 2.

I have now upgraded to Battery 3, and as a result, I am replacing the Battery 2 instances with Battery 3. This is mainly because Battery 2 tells me it is running out of memory during the loading of a project (a known issue that Native Instruments are not going to fix).

I have to re-route all the midi channels that were going to Battery 2 in my template to the new instances of Battery 3. When I go to change the routing in the midi send of the midi drum track, I notice there is nowhere to assign the send. In Cubase 5, there is a drop down menu under midi modifiers with a list of possible instruments to send to. In Cubase 7, this menu isn’t there, meaning you can’t assign the second instrument.

Am I the only one in the world that uses this feature and thus, the only one who has noticed? I don’t know if it is an oversight, or a discontinued feature, or there is another button that opens up the routing dialogue?

Any help would be much appreciated.