Midi Sends/routing question (vst track channel inputs?)

Hey, so I’m considering purchasing cubase as my go to DAW for the studio, and I’m using the elements trial (8.5). I’m looking to do something kinda specific and I can’t tell if its doable or not, and hopefully I can get a good answer on this -
I’m looking to route midi from one VST to another vst or midi track. My specific use case goes like this -

Maschine VSTi loaded up in one track -
Other VST plugin - massive… reaktor… aka a synth or a drum machine
a midi track that just sends midi out to an external out - a drum machine or other physical rack mount synth.

Maschine has groups and “sounds” that can send midi data out on seperate midi channels. I want to be able to group “a” set to midi channel output on 2, group “b” sends to 3, and so on.

How do I have the other VST plugins only accept midi in on single channels from the maschine VST?
I see I can set the midi input for those other tracks to the Maschine VST - I have done this, the only issue is that I can’t figure out how to get the synth VSTs to accept midi from only 1 channel only. (AKA both synths receive midi from all the channels that come out of the maschine VST which obviously just sounds like a big mess)

In Reaper I have been able to do exactly this where the synth vst track has a receive set to the maschine, and then further a little drop down box that lets me select what midi channel that receive accepts- I just don’t like other things about reaper that I am enjoying about cubase.

Long > short : How do I make a track receive midi from a specific channel and that channel only ?

Hi and welcome,

I’m sorry, there are no MIDI Sends in Cubase Elements. To get this feature, you need at least Cubase Artist. Then you can send MIDI data to the Output + 4 other MIDI Ports via 4 MIDI Sends.