MIDI Sequencer for Chord Pads

I have purchased Cubase Elements 8 and have been so impressed that I am considering selling my Ableton 9 Suite & PUSH and upgrading to Cubase Pro 8.

I do have a few questions before I make the leap of faith.

At present, I have virtually no musical skill whatsoever, so I rely heavily on the Drum/Synth sequencers provided by PUSH and then I go in and manually clean up the MIDI.

I really like the Chord Pads in Cubase, but I really need to connect them to a sequencer. I don’t mind if it takes a few steps to route everything (i.e. sequencer to MIDI track to Chord Track to Instrument track, … whatever it takes).

I have been playing with Sugar Bytes Thesys and really like it so far. I only need to find a way to pump the MIDI output to Chord Pads in real time so that I can hear the chords firing off as I edit the sequence.

I have not found a good drum sequencer yet. I was looking at Trigger Finger Pro, but it can only record a four bar sequence and I often enjoy 8-16 bar sequences.

Thanks in advance!