Midi set up help

Im trying to get my MT power kit midi files to trigger my BFD3 Drum vst. Ive done what they’ve instruct me to do which is to create a midi track and put MT in the input section and the BDF3 in out but not hearing anything-is there anything I need to do in the frame work of cubase? Im using cubase 9.5

If you put the midi monitor plugin on the midi track, you can confirm you are getting midi from the mt power plugin.

When midi is transmitting, it should just be a matter of adjusting the mapping, so you trigger the right samples on bfd3.

Depending on your prefs, you might want to use direct monitoring on the midi track. You might kill the midi track input, by not having the track selected/armed. Direct monitoring will make the midi channel monitor the input constantly.

Sorry I thought I deleted this thread-I found the problem-On the midi channelI didn’t have my monitor button switched on-stupid boy!