Midi Setup through UR22mkII

Newbie here. I am trying to connect a Yamaha Clavinova Midi Keyboard to a UR22mkII then into my MacBook Pro using Cubase LE AI Elements 10. It was working yesterday to the extent that I could see a midi signal on the end of the midi track name panel in Cubase and in the Mixer Console. I could record signal - a track was created. But I could neither hear the recording with Monitoring or when I played it back. The keyboard is connected to the UR22mkII with midi cables and the UR22mkII is connected to the laptop with USB. I am trying to listen through the headphones jack of the UR22mkII. I can clearly hear all my other computer sounds through there such as notifications and playing YouTube videos. For some reason I’m getting no output sound. Today I messed around some more and now I don’t seem to be getting the midi input signal, nor can I record a track. Some of my settings are in the attached.Record-Enable allows MIDI Thru and MIDI Thru Active are both enabled. Can anyone see some glaringly wrong setting or any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 3.33.33 PM.png

I looked at your pics, and your setup seems to be correct. To be clear, you are only trying to attempt to record MIDI data and Not trying to capture the sound from the Clavinova? You will need to be aware of what Midi channel the Clav is sending to the UR22,and into Cubase.

Yes - thank you. That’s correct. Just want to use the Clav keyboard to record MIDI data. I am able to set the sending MIDI channel in the Clav. If I’m doing this right, I’m just adding a MIDI track and I expect that I should be able to hit the notes on the Clav and record them through the UR into Cubase. I can see that there is a signal coming from the monitor in the lower right of the Cubase screen, but there is no input signal on the right edge of the track label and I can’t record anything. I can add a VST instrument track and use the Editor to input MIDI that way, and I can play it back and hear from the headphones in the UR. Everything physically works in certain configurations. I have also tried Audio tracks with a mic and with a guitar and I have the same issue with that. And, I don’t think I mentioned it here, but can just start GarageBand and everything works perfectly there. So it has to be Cubase. It’s really getting on my nerves!

Hi, I am having a more basic problem. Is there anyone who can guide about the external MIDI controller (in my situation it is sl88 studio) connection via MIDI cable to UR22MKII and the settings that I have to make on Cubase? Thanks so much already.