Midi signal in Transport but no sound -iConnectivity Mio 10?

Sorry if this may have been covered elsewhere, but my searches kept returning “too many” instances of the words I was searching for; probably my poor search technique.

I was trying to install iConnectivity’s Mio10 (which I’ve given up on for the moment), supposedly the answer to my (multiple) midi gear issue and I think, somehow, its totally buggered my midi profile (?). Previously I had no problem in routing my Yamaha KX 49 or my Alesis Crimson Drum Kit, via the Octacapture and it would play and sound and record and play back whatever VST I used.

When I couldn’t get the Mio 10 to talk to Cubase I went back to the Octacapture but now its not working as it did.

Now all I have is the midi in signal which I can see in the transport panel, but not in the track, and no sound, nor will it record. I have record enable set and the monitor on. In the inspector its set to all MIDI inputs, any channel but nothing!

in the MIDI port setup screen in Device Setup, the column "In ‘All MIDI’ is greyed out; I cant recall if that was the case before, but I cant seem to adjust that in any way. Previously recorded projects play back ok, its just this current issue.

I tried hiding the Defaults.xml folder but that seemed to achieve nothing.

Anyone have any thoughts? Anyone’s help would be much appreciated.