MIDI signal problem

Hi folks,

Last night I installed hardware and drivers for Korg padKontrol. Afterwards, I went back to use my normal midi controller (an old Yamaha PSR E303) and haven’t got a geek out of it MIDI wise in Cubase 6

  • MIDI cables connected properly
  • local turned off on keyboard
  • “all MIDI inputs” selected as inputs on track
  • same deal with monitor button turned on/off

Up to this I’ve been using this MIDI controller with no problems - never had to mess around with MIDI ports or anything however I do notice that in MIDI Port Setup, the interface is showing as “Inactive” and I can’t seem to activate it. Is this the problem?

I’m thinking installing the Korg stuff could have put something out of whack, is it looking for the Korg hardware for MIDI or something? (guessing…).

I’m using a Motu Audio Express, Cubase 6, Windows 7 64 Bit.

I’m still new to this game so hoping it’s something simple and have come here in the hope of being made a fool of for the greater good :slight_smile:



If you havn’t got any track, which is using relevant MIDI Output, there is Inactive port dispaying in the Device > MIDI Port Setup. If you create MIDI track, and set the Output, this will change to the Active.


Inactive simply means it is not being used anywhere. In MIDI port setup, where it shows as inactive, is visible checked? Is In All MIDI checked?


thanks for replies

visible is checked now for MIDI.

my problem is receiving MIDI info in to Cubase though.

I still cannot receive MIDI from the MIDI controller (the Yamaha). IE for Instrument tracks, where VST instruments etc are selected which were used before.

sorry, I may not have been clear about this in my first post

You didn’t answer the second question. Is In All MIDI checked?


If the trouble started with installing the Korg, it probably overwrote something for the Yamaha. I’d reinstall the Yamaha drivers - and hopefully that won’t corrupt the Korg installation…

He set the input to his track as “all midi inputs”, but hasn’t verified if the yamaha is actually included as part of the “all midi” group. It could be as simple as that. He did say that the Yamaha is showing up in his Cubase ports which would indicate that the yamaha driver is installed (although perhaps not working properly). He should verify that first and if it doesn’t solve the problem, then I agree with you.


@ Ron. sorry missed that question…yes, “In 'All MIDI” is checked.

Regarding the Yamaha drivers - I never installed any drivers for this. I just started using it with Cubase and worked when I hooked up the MIDI cables. Previously I had used a Microkorg as a MIDI controller also. Neither work now since installing the padKontrol stuff.

I’ve had a quick look at the Yamaha downloads and there doesn’t seem to be any specific drivers available but i’ll keep looking, seems I may have to go the driver route.

There is nothing regarding the Yamaha showing up in ports etc…unless I’m missing it.

What do you mean by this? You said earlier

“never had to mess around with MIDI ports or anything however I do notice that in MIDI Port Setup, the interface is showing as “Inactive” and I can’t seem to activate it”

According to that statement you have a yamaha port showing up in Cubase - right?
I was under the impression that your Yamaha had a usb-MIDI interface. Is that not the case?



If I understound, you use classical MIDI cable from Yamaha to MOTU. Check IN/OUT, maybye, try to change them. It should be OUT (Yamaha) to IN (MOTU).


hey…i work during the day hence the late response

I just reinstalled drivers and we’re back in action.

thanks very much for the help.

@Ron - no I never had a Yamaha port showing up, I just referred to it not being there in case that might have been a problem.

@Martin - yes MIDI cables were correctly connected - but I don’t blame you for asking :slight_smile:

thanks again