Midi sound trouble!

When I try to install a device in Midi Device Manager,it looks allright,but there is no sound when I try to record or play notes on the Key Editor.
The sound parameters are showing good signal on the notes beeing played,but I can’t get no sound.
I have a slight notion that the problem might be connected to the fact that I don’t know how to load different banks into the Universal Sound Module,because when I put that in the “out”, there is sound,but it only plays one bank of sounds.

You don’t use the Device Manager. You add an instrument track and select the USM as the output. You change sounds via the selection window in the Inspector.

Thank’s for answering,but my problem is that I only have access to one bank of sounds. I can’t get access to all the instruments in the device manager(f.ex. the K2000) when I try to install them.

Those aren’t preset or “sounds”. All they are are device maps for hardware instruments. You can get free VSTi’s at kvr audio.

Ok. Thank’s :blush: