MIDI spec changes in C6. Wow!

Speaking as a ‘MIDIot’ I am really looking forward to working with C6’s ability to change MIDI info for individual notes ON THE SAME MIDI CHANNEL.

The MIDI spec has changed very little since the 80’s roll out and as a MIDI guitarist who uses MONO mode
for MIDI transmission (a separate MIDI channel for each string) I really want to know how Steiny has managed to ‘pull this off’.

This is the Steinberg I remember. Pushing the envelope really hard.


Be aware that this requires a compatible VST instrument, according to the video on the steinberg website.

I imagine that the midi spec did not change, but that there is another mode of communication between Cubase and the instrument that gets this done. This definitely will not work with outboard gear and so on.


There was also OSC standard which was supposed to build on midi and make everything better and more accurate etc etc and not many people even remember such thing nowadays. As far as I know, Native Instruments Reaktor is the only instrument supporting it.

VST Expression 2 has all the same potential but ultimately it’s up to other developers if they decide to support it.

True Steve.

What I neglected to add is that I hope that this 'another mode of communication’
(if it works well) might even become a new part of the MIDI spec (or maybe a new standard kinda like asio and vst etc) and be picked up and used by other manufacturers.

Steiny pushes boundaries. I like that.

Aloha gravehill,
I too remember OSC and that it never did seem to catch on with the big hardware MIDI guys.
(Roland,Yamaha etc) Maybe this time it happens.

Probably a lot more audio going on these days than MIDI.
So I thank Steiny for any new MIDI or scoring features.


Yeah, curteye, that would be cool, and totally possible. They do lead in significant ways. It would be nice to know exactly what this mode of communication is!


OSC is used widely in all the ipad/iphone remote apps and ableton supports OSC aswell


they didn’t mention fixed midi timing to ext.midi. the vst expression 2 are nice features for internal synths. but if you have tons of ext. midi gear (sound modules/keyboards), vst expressions is uselless if the timing to ext. midi devices isn’t tight.

Never had that problem, maybe you could try a 32 bit OS? :ugeek:

what’s the number of tracks you usually send out of cubase to ext.midi?


I use a Sonic Cell and have never had any problems. I’ve also got an old TG500 that I can use to test when needed.

Admittedly MIDI in windows can be something of a mystery, eg no control panel other than the support of the device at the driver level but other than that I have many different midi interfaces to choose from with the best results being Cakewalk UM2G.

Have you set all windows processes to operate in the background?

My understanding is that unless Vista/W7 can function on it’s own “fully loaded” that is with all services operational, a DAW will have no chance of functioning appropriately since all audio functions while executed in the user part of the system, are prioritised last insofar as windows is concerned.

Hope that helps

Hmm, don’t like to pour cold water on the fire of new release enthusiasm, but it worries me if steinberg are rewriting their midi specs because I don’t want to find that the ‘real’ midi implementation gets sidelined and becomes broken… and our outboard gets difficult to use. Their midi implementation has never quite been the same since they put all their efforts into audio in VST5, and it’s only in SX4 that they started to firm up the midi implementation again to cater for VSTis, hope they don’t start bypassing that valuable side of the app again with something which is proprietary.


Just to keep things more or less on track, I thought I’d point out that Steinberg have not done anything to the the midi spec, the term “midi spec” was used loosely by the OP to describe those new features of VST expression 2.

I’m glad that midi is so robust in Cubase and hope it only gets better.

I built my daw according to Steinberg specs on their website, and optimized windows 7 for daw performance. I had old pc dual core which wasn’t according to steinberg specs, but i ditched that one and build a new one to have a better performance, thought that steinberg’s recommendations would actually help