Midi "split"


I’m used to play on a master keyboard from Arturia (the one shipped with Analog Lab VST).

I want to use sounds from Analog Lab when I play a subset of keys, and sounds from another VST (Studio Drummer) when I play other keys.

My sequencer is Cubase Elements 6. It will have to listen to midi events on a given channel, then to dispatch the events on 2 others channels, depending on the pitch (ideally it will transpose on the fly).

Is it possible ?

Thanls for your help.


There is no Logical editor, in the Elements version. I’m afraid, this is not possible here. Maybye with some 3rd party plug-in, but I can’t imagine. There are no MIDI Inserts in the Elementa version, again.


Thanks Martin,

It seems I’m going to upgrade to Cubase Artist…


Unfortunately, Logical Editor, which is the best for this, is not part of Cubase Artis too. Cubase 6 only. :-/


Not tried this out yet, but try using drum map, and setting zones by assigning outputs.

Upgrade costs 500 euros !

What about using the Note Filter in the Inspector of the MIDI track? You could have two MIDI tracks, each with their own filter settings for a split keyboard effect.

I’m quite sure I’ve seen the Logical editor in my Cubase artist :confused:
Not used it, but I’ll check.

There are no MIDI Inserts in the Elements cersion. MIDI Inserts are in the Artist, and the “full” version.

In the Feature Comparison chart, there is “Logical Editor (incl. Project): CUbase 6 only”. In the Artist version, you can use factory Logical presets, but you can’t to create your own Logical preset, I think.


Ah, that’ll be it then :slight_smile:

I will buy a cheap master keyboard to solve my problem. As I have already an S80 and a master keyboard, it will be ok.
Thanks you for all your replies.