midi spoils it all

I am trying to form a network of musicians who collaborate via VST Transit and VST Transit Go. I am testing the link between the two at home with my PC and iPad. All is going well as long as the uploaded project does not contain a midi track, not even an empty one. Because then the collaborator (me on VST Transit Go) will see the audio tracks, will see thin straight lines inside the events, but hear nothing.
As a test I created a project with two loops from the media bay, one midi and one audio. Then created and uploaded a project, invited myself, synced on the iPad and saw only the audio track. That is OK. But not ok is that the audio loop came down without sound.
Another test project with only one track: audio loop: everything is all right.
When I deselect all midi tracks in the VST Transit window before uploading to the cloud, the receiver gets all audio events, but again with no sound.
I hope I described understandably what is happening.
I searched this forum for similar topics but could not find any.
Please help, explain, comfort.


“pure” MediaBay files are currently not supported from Transit. If you want to transfer those audio files, you need to bounce them first. To do so, select the audio event and select the menu entry “Menu / Audio / Bounce selection”. Now, Transit will transfer the audio data.
Does it work?

See you,

Shall try tomorrow. Thank you.

OK, so I did some testing and found some facts, but maybe not all the facts:

  1. The bouncing of pure Media Bay files helps
  2. Midi has got nothing to do with it
  3. If I receive an external audio file that was recorded in 44.1 kHz and 32 float and I import that track into a new project as 44.1/24 then the sync and mirroring go ok (while in the pool the file still has the attributes 44/32)
  4. If I receive an external audio file in 44/32 and import it in a project as 44/64 and then save the project, I can find that track later in the Media Bay. When I import that saved track into a new project with 44/24, the track is visible in the pool as 44/64! And now the sync goes wrong.

It feels as if the different behaviour has something to do with the bit rate.
Maybe there is somebody in Steinberg who is smarter than me who can use these results to figure out what is happening and why.
Thank you, Michael.

Michael relpied here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=243&t=155933

I know. I made him a project member on March 6. Waiting for results.

… yes, we are in contact and we are analysing the problem. We will return when we have results.

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