Midi stacked mode but not in cycle.

Hi all. I want to record separate midi takes, each one a new lane, and each muted except the one being recorded but not in cycle mode. As far as I can see stacked is only available in cycle mode ? I don’t always want to record in cycle mode, often not. Even if I do if you stop and then carry on you have to then manually mute the last lane. Tell me I’m missing the obvious someone please !

Hi and welcome,

Then you are not in the Cycle Mode anymore.

Unfortunately, there is no way, how to handle this automatically out of Cycle Mode.

Stop does not end cycle. It just pauses it.

Thanks chaps. What a ridiculous state, I can’t believe there isn’t the option to treat it like audio, ie mute the last take all the while I’m recording another regardless of being in loop mode or not. I’d like to stop the take, fiddle with something and then record again without having to remember to mute the last one. Seems so amateur.