Midi start/stop messages


Can cubase send midi start/stop messages without a midi sync signal being sent?



If you mean without any MIDI Track, then yes. But you will send these MMCs via MIDI, so you need a MIDI Device.

Hi Martin:)

Thx for your help.

I dont mind if a midi track is active…

cubase sends start message to an external device.
(I dont want a continuous clock being sent, just the start/stop message…

The external device only receives the start/stop if the device is selected in the “midi clock destinations”
-i would like to have the external device be in charge of its own bpm… (No continuous midi time data sent) so, it should just receive the start/stop message… (FA, FC)

In cubase proj.sync setup->
“Always Send start message” -> “when selected a midi start message is always sent rather than a midi continuous message”

Nice. But:

If i dont select that port in the midi clock destinations, the start message does not get sent…
And, if i select that port, continuous midi data is sent…

Its like a catch22…lol

What i need is only the start/stop to be sent via midi… Not continuous data…
Know what i mean?

Thx n greets:)


Is it necessary to send the proper MIDI Message? Or can you handle with any MIDI Message, which you can convert later, or the device will understand any (defined) message (via MIDI Learn), for example?

Do you know, what I mean?

Yes, proper midi message is needed for start/stop in this case…

You gave me an idea tho… I put a midi and cc filter in the chain to filter out the clock messages, but it didnt work how it should…loll… Waiting on an email back from that company to see where the trouble is… (Not being registered in the apps as a source)
(Also do not want to put too many things in the chain as i have a good latency readout from the external instrument on the instrument track)

What we really need is sample accurate midi… “Hint hint, steiny research department”:stuck_out_tongue: -> MIDI v2.0
The way it is now is so… Eh… 1983… Like a sloppy timing toy protocol for audio tourists…
(As a timing tool… data is fine;))

So yeah, back to the OP… Send start/stop without continuous data… If you know of another solution while i wait for midiflow to reply, pls post;)

Thx n greets:)

Yes ai am in dire need of that as well. in the mean tine i guess I can only record an audio track to substitute real time…

afaik cubase 8.5 and/or steinberg vst/vsti’s are already HD-MIDI (midi 2.0) compatible

i could be wrong but im sure i read that somewhere on here