Midi Step Entry and multiple Midi Channels

Currently I use Logic Pro X, Protools, and Harrison Mixbus

I’m considering Cubase if it has a Midi Step Entry feature as described here:

When I step enter multiple midi notes as a chord, I need the recorded note events to each retain their recorded midi channel. I am using a guitar-like midi controller that sends midi events on multiple channels.

Logic successfully does this when you live record midi, but when you step enter midi, all note event midi channels are replaced with a single midi channel as defined in the step entry window.

I never use Protools for midi, but my initial attempts seem to indicate that Protools doesn’t even associate a midi channel with midi note events so that information is completely lost. I could be wrong here, but it seems that midi channel is instead associated with the track rather than note events.


Hi and welcome,

I wasn’t sure about it, so I have tested it.

And I can confirm, Cubase keeps the Channel of the incoming MIDI Note (in general any MIDI event) even when Step Input. See attached screenshot, please (the Event Color is set to Channel, it means different color = different MIDI Channel).
Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 20.08.51.png

Thanks Martin!!

Now the wait for Cubase 11…