Midi stereo settings?


I have a question on midi settings.

I’m using guitar simulator plugin called Solemn Tones Odin II which is midi based guitar plugin. It sounds great if used with good guitar amp plugins… But mine sounds awful. I am using Fortin Nameless with it. So I asked help with sound issues from software developer and send him some audio samples. He says that my midi is in mono and it should be in stereo in order to sound good. So my question is how I setup my midi in stereo?

Thanks for your help!

Here is tutorial on Odin II

MIDI is neither Mono not Stereo. It is control data.
The device it controls must have stereo sounds and audio output.

Ok! So he thinks that my instrument track is somehow in mono. I have checked that everything is in stereo. Is there some setting which I should look if track is somehow in mono and not in stereo. Sorry my text is confusing…

Dies the sound device output a stereo signal…?
A mono signal on a stereo track will still be a mono signal.