Midi sticky keys

Hello everyone. So every time I use MIDI, I play different notes on the keyboard and some of those keys would stay down and keep playing. I know this has probably been a common problem (sticky keys) for some people using Cubase 7.5 in Windows but I noticed when I use the microKorg for MIDI instead of the Roland Juno-G, the problem still exists but it is not as bad as it rarely happens. I’ve opened and cleaned up the Juno-G and it does the same thing. Also, I just noticed that sticky keys also happen when I use the the TruePianos plugin without Cubase running. Could it be the MIDI to USB interface or the OS? Or the synthesizers? Is there anyone who’s figured this out yet?

In Cubase select the correct MIDI device as input for your track. Not ‘All MIDI Inputs’. There might be 2 different MIDI drivers for your keyboard active at the same time and this combined with ‘All MIDI Inputs’ selection may cause problems.