Midi stream: filter note range output?

I use several sound generators I would appreciate splitting into separate tracks.

Here’s the use case:

  1. Play a track with my BeatBuddy drum pedal or using a keyboard as a controller
  2. Record the midi output in addition to the audio (the latter is more for reference than anything else)
  3. Copy the midi to multiple other tracks, each representing a single instrument. To clarify: The BeatBuddy plays an entire sampled drum kit. I want to separate the midi notes for each part of the kit to a separate track. For example, snare, kick, high hat, crash, ride, left tom and right tom tracks. I’m seeking some kind of filter, which could be defined simply like the keyboard split sliders in an application like Camelot Pro to define the note range. In the BeatBuddy (as in my keyboards used as controllers when I split the midi using a multi timbral patch in the sound generator, which could be my Waldorf Blofeld), notes define the particular percussion instrument that sounds.
  4. Send each individual midi track to the instrument (BeatBuddy) so it plays just that drum or cymbal, which I will record on its own track. Or, use sampled instruments in Cubasis to do “drum replacement” as many mix engineers do.
  5. Process dynamics/set panning,etc. of each audio track to improve the result
  6. Mix the tracks back together

Is there any elegant way to perform step #3 above in Cubasis without manually copying the individual midi notes into another track?

I would be perfectly happy purchasing on Auv3 plug-in that could do this, if Cubasis doesn’t support this function natively.

I am trying Midi Tools MIDI Key Zone, which I already owned.

I will report back.


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