MIDI Sustain via Play Mode?

Esteemed Play Mode people, is it possible control the MIDI sustain in Play Mode, instead of via the dedicated Playing Techniques?

I “intuitively” *cough* tried the button that said ‘Add Editor’, and have set something up that, nominally, is concerned with CC 64:


But whatever it is that I conjured up there, it appears to be not particularly susceptible to any of my further attempts to actually do something with it.

Unless I’m mistaken, you now need to draw in the values:

Have you already tried this?

First thing I tried. And second. And third. No luck.

Are you trying to create the CC values from scratch or do you already have Ped. markings in the score?

Try it without pressing the histogram button up there… It’s a very powerful mode once data has been recorded there, but when there’s nothing, it’s useless.

They are there, but I would like to get rid of them (the only graphical option is the transparency hack, which is undesirable for other reasons), while keeping the playback, since it is needed for export to a DAW.


Ahhhhhhh… :face_holding_back_tears: