Midi Sync issues

Hello guys,

just trying to get me head around this strange problem. the setup is as follows:

Xboard midi controller (usb) connected to computer 1(c1), running cubase elements 8.
Cumputer 1 is connected to computer 2 (c2) via midi.

live playing the xboard runs perfect across both computers. but midi playback (from c1 to c2) triggers the note randomly. apart of the actual note played back, nothing is right, not the length, not the start nor endpoint of the note.

same is with recording on c1 via the xboard. the notes are right, it sounds right as i record, but the playback is a mess.

what on earth can that be? :question:

Hi and welcome,

You said, the computers are connected via MIDI. How they are synced? What software do you use on the 2nd computer? What is the reason to use 2 computers?

i have Native Instruments Kontakt on the second computer as Standalone, just to use a wide range of Heavyweight samples. they are both connected via midi to usb adapter.

live play works totally fine (xboard via usb on computer 1 playing samples on computer 2). but playback a midi track gets out of everything. playing live on computer 1 is fine but recording is also a mess.

if it would be a mess with playing live, i would say dodgy drivers. but as that works flawless… i just don’t get it.

If I am following you , you have a slave PC with midi in from primary PC midi out, and your keyboard plays into primary PC for recording purposes.

Are the recorded midi parts correct, that is accrurate as played? So 1/8 notes played record 1/8 notes?

If yes then check your midi out tracks for tracks on PC 1 sending unwanted conflicting data to PC 2 , maybe an arp is stuck on sending notes…maybe you have extra mid tracks engaged and sending duplicate notes , this happens to me on large projects sometimes when I get tired…and loose track of something