Midi Sync out offset ?

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I can’t find out there if it’s possible to set a midi sync out signal with an offset to compensate the audio buffer size.
Working with a lot of analog devices now needing a sync signal, and it works great so far, except that I really have to
take my soundcard buffer all the way down to have no delay between the inputs and the DAW out.

I like to put my buffer size a little larger to be able to put a good amount of processing.
Ableton has this function in the midi sync preferences, but can’t find anything similar in Cubase.

Thanks for your inputs :slight_smile:

Just wondering if the “Track Delay” function would do what you need?

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Unfortunately not. Thanks for that thought, but the track delay is useful only when you send out midi keyboard data to a specific channel.

I’m sending the SYNC out signal, not midi keyboard data… the SYNC doesn’t seem to be able the be offset.
That function is in the Transport menu → Project sync setup.
In ableton it is possible, or with 3rd party plugins but for CV Clocks.

Any guess ?
I believe many people with large projects that can’t run with too low latency values have to do something to compensate.

Got myself a workaround if anybody is interested :

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