Midi sync problem

I have my HR-16 drum machine connected to Cubase 12 via URC22C. Tempo is set at 120 BPM on both. I have a simple single 4 bar beat which when the midi is recorded into Cubase seems to drift out. The first beat is on grid, then it gradually drifts at each grid line. Ok, so not really noticable over 4 beats, but the cumulative effect is throwing things out.

Am I doing something wrong? or was midi back in the 80’s a bit slower than it is now?


You need to sync both devices, set Cubase as Master and the hardware as Slave, please.

Oooh OK, that sounds promising - could you talk me through how to do that please?

Look for “MIDI Clock” in the manual. Cubase needs to be the master, your drum machine the slave.

Ok, so starting to get a bit closer to a solution, On project Synchronisation Setup window I have set Timecode Source to Internal Timecode.

On destinations tab both midi clock and midi timecode destinations U have ticked my Steinberg UR22C which the drum machine is connected to. I have also ticked in preferences to follow project position.

The notes still seem to be off a bit!

It has fixed another issue though, when I hit record, the drum machine now starts automatically after the metronome count in!


You don’t have to use both. Use only MIDI Timecode or only MIDI Clock. Depending, what your other device can work with.

To be honest, I have two devices that can be synced to MIDI Clock and none of them returns notes on the grid. Every event is always a bit off but one device is off different from the other. So I don’t know whether the culprit is Cubase or the devices themselves.
Anyway - I use AutoQuantize to fix this. of course, that is only feasible if the events on the drum machine are on the grid.